Departments / Offices

Herrin Police Department (Non-Emergency) 618-942-4132

Herrin Fire Department 618-942-6514

Mayor’s Office 618-942-6166

City Clerk’s Office 618-942-3175

Water Department 618-942-3177

Code Inspector and Zoning Administrator Zoning 618-942-6004

Public Works Garage/Street & Alley 618-942-2255

Animal Control 618-988-1777

City Officials

Steve Frattini, Mayor 618-942-6166
Shelly Huggins City Clerk 618-942-3175

Carl Goodwin City Treasurer 618-942-6166

David Shoemake Ward I Alderman 618-988-8152
Sheila Ahlgren Ward I Alderman 618-727-4069
Paul York Ward II Alderman 618-942-8606
Randy Crompton Ward II Alderman 618-967-0321
Scott Kinley Ward III Alderman 618-925-6348
Steve Miller Ward III Alderman 618-967-4073
Bill Sizemore Ward IV Alderman 618-559-1431
Marilyn Ruppel Ward IV Alderman 618-942-7195
John Brewster City Attorney 618-997-5611



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call: (618) 942-3177
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