The Herrin City Cemetery Association (HCCA) is a corporation organized under the “General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act” of the state of Illinois for charitable and civic purposes.  HCCA accepts gifts, bequests and donation for the enhancement of the Herrin City Cemeteries.

To be recognized as a tax deductible, charitable donation, please write checks to “City of Herrin, HCCA” and mail to:  Herrin City Cemetery Association, c/o City Clerk’s Office, 300 North Park Avenue, Herrin, IL 62948.  Please include the following information:  By(Donor Name), In Memory of(optional), Donor’s Address, City, State & Zip, and email(if applicable).

For more information, contact Dennis Avripas at avripas@yahoo.com or 618-889-8555.


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