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Minutes of Insurance Committee-022618

Minutes of Insurance Committee-052217


Minutes of Insurance Committee-051716

Public Improvement

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-082718

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-070918

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-060418

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-051418

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-032618

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-100917

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-091117

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-061517

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-061217

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-050817

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-042417

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-031317









Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-080216

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-061316

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-052316

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-011116

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-122815

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-102615

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-091415

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-072315

Minutes of Public Improvement Committee-041315

Public Safety

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-082718

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-072318

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-062518

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-061118

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-051418

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-012218

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-122717

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-081417

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-071017

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-061217

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-052217

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-030917

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-022717

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-021317


Minutes of Public Safety Committee-080216

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-061616

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-060216

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-052316

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-042516

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-042516

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-032816

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-011116

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-110915

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-061615

Minutes of Public Safety Committee-020915

Public Works

Minutes of Public Works Committee-100818

Minutes of Public Works Committee-092418

Minutes of Public Works Committee-081318

Minutes of Public Works Committee-062518

Minutes of Public Works Committee-030518

Minutes of Public Works Committee-022618

Minutes of Public Works Committee-122717

Minutes of Public Works Committee-110617

Minutes of Public Works Committee-102317

Minutes of Public Works Committee-062217

Minutes of Public Works Committee-061417

Minutes of Public Works Committee-060717

Minutes of Public Works Committee-061316

Minutes of Public Works Committee-052316

Minutes of Public Works Committee-050916

Minutes of Public Works Committee-032816

Minutes of Public Works Committee-031416

Minutes of Public Works Committee-121415

Minutes of Public Works Committee-091415

Minutes of Public Works Committee-082415

Minutes of Public Works Committee-030915


Minutes of Finance Committee-101618

Minutes of Finance Committee-100818

Minutes of Finance Committee-092418

Minutes of Finance Committee-091018

Minutes of Finance Committee-083018

Minutes of Finance Committee-081318

Minutes of Finance Committee-070918

Minutes of Finance Committee-052918

Minutes of Finance Committee-051418

Minutes of Finance Committee-022618

Minutes of Finance Committee-021218

Minutes of Finance Committee-120417

Minutes of Finance Committee-112017

Minutes of Finance Committee-111617

Minutes of Finance Committee-111317

Minutes of Finance Committee-110617

Minutes of Finance Committee-102317

Minutes of Finance Committee-101617

Minutes of Finance Committee-100917

Minutes of Finance Committee-092517

Minutes of Finance Committee-091117

Minutes of Finance Committee-082817

Minutes of Finance Committee-071017

Minutes of Finance Committee-050817

Minutes of Finance Committee-042417

Minutes of Finance Committee-041017

Minutes of Finance Committee-040517

Minutes of Finance Committee-022717

Minutes of Budget Public Hearing-022217

Minutes of Finance Committee-012317

Minutes of Finance Committee-011617



Minutes of Finance Committee-032116

Minutes of Finance Committee-020116

Minutes of Finance Committee-011416

Minutes of Finance Committee-122115

Minutes of Finance Committee-112115

Minutes of Finance Committee-111615

Minutes of Finance Committee-092915

Minutes of Finance Committee-091515

Minutes of Finance Committee-090215

Minutes of Finance Committee-080315

Minutes of Finance Committee-062915

Public Hearings

minutes 042318 budget public hearing

Minutes of public hearing levy increase 2017

budget public hearing minutes 041017 signed

Minutes of public hearing levy increase 2015

Executive Session – Open

1996 Executive Session open


1997 Executive Session open

1998 Executive Session open




2001 Executive Session open


2002 Executive Session open


2004 Executive Session open

2005 Executive Session open




2013 Executive Session open


2014 Executive Session open


2015 Executive Session open



Minutes Executive Session 010917 signed



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